The Barbieri family, from the very beginning of its business, has always put customer satisfaction and warmth at the forefront. Weddings are the true jewel in the crown of the many activities carried out by the historic Altomonte family, whose tools and services make the dream of a perfect day come true.

Satisfying customers and guests in a setting as beautiful as it is characteristic is only the first step. Alongside these indispensable conditions, the Barbieri family places a highly professional work team. Everyone, from the cooks to the waiters, works impeccably, in the knowledge that they render a unique service.

The discreet and reserved charm surrounding the walls of the noble residence is the right location for those who love the strong sensations that only something surprising and unique can give.

The path to the wedding is taken care of by careful wedding planning provided by members of the Barbieri family.

Every detail is carefully attended to, in the profound belief that perfect planning makes for an exceptional event.

Choosing Barbieri services for your wedding means having all the comforts you need and having a whole staff of highly qualified experts at your disposal.