Diffuse hotel

This reality stems from the tradition of a family that has been putting its passion and expertise at the service of its customers for 40 years, helping to make Altomonte a popular destination both for wine and food tourism and for the services that the hotel and the other facilities of the group are able to offer.

Enzo and Patrizia and their children Michele, Alessandra and Laura are at the heart of a company in which warmth, familiarity and cordiality are combined with the highest professionalism, the constant search for innovation but also the revival of tradition, and the ability to meet their guests’ every wish.

Since 1969, since Italo Barbieri’s experience and intuition, many things have changed, but the desire to grow, to expand the range of possibilities, to propose novelties and to always achieve excellence in every activity remain fundamental objectives for the group and the family.

This is why the group is constantly expanding: the renovation of the ancient Palazzo dei Giacobini, completed in 1995, was only the first in a series of major renovations and expansions of the group’s facilities, which today increase the company’s potential even further and enable it to meet the needs of every type of customer through its brands: the tourist, the connoisseur of local gastronomy, the wellness centre guest, the bridal couple looking for an exclusive venue for their wedding ceremony.